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Shenzhen Chengfang Electric Machine is the professional PMDC motor manufacturer. The company was established in 2003...

Chengfang’s motors are divided into automotive and non-automotive parts. Automotive parts are listed by their applications. Non-automotive...
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Quality assurance exists in every process of Chengfang such as identification of customers’ requirement, product design, performance validation, fixture design, fixture validation, measurement system analysis, purchasing material management, product delivery management and customer service etc....

Applications : Automotive, Home Appliance, Power Tool, Office Automation, Fitness Apparatus, Electric Model
Demensions : 2 series(φ24mm),  3 series(φ28mm),   5 series(φ36mm),  7 series(φ42mm), 8 series(φ45mm), 9 series(φ52mm)
HVDC Motor: 5 series (φ36mm), 7 series (φ42mm), 9 series (φ52mm)

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